Texas Counties Deliver
Emergency Management

The San Augustine County Office of Emergency Management is responsible for the development and implementation of a comprehensive Emergency Management Plan, with the mission of providing a safe and secure environment to the residents and businesses of San Augustine County. 

The Emergency Management Plan defines who does what, when, where, and how, in order to:

  • mitigate the effects of a hazard,
  • prepare for measures to be taken which will minimize damage,
  • respond during emergencies and provide whatever aid and assistance is necessary,
  • establish a recovery system in order to return the community to its normal state of affairs.

We strive to accomplish this through a continuing program of preparation for emergencies, education to the public about preparedness, coordination of emergency response and recovery, and collection and distribution of emergency information.

  • County Judge: Jeff Boyd – Office: (936) 275-2762
    Mobile: (936)465-8680 jeffboyd@co.san-augustine.tx.us

    City of San Augustine Mayor: Leroy Hughes – Office: (936) 275-2121
    Mobile: (936)275-7564 lelo1997@sbcglobal.net

    City Manager of San Augustine: John Camp  Office: (936) 275-2121

    City of Broaddus Mayor:
    Shirley Parker – Office: (936) 872-1019
    Mobile: (936)596-5935 shirleyjeanparker@outlook.com

    San Augustine VFD Fire Chief: Charles Sharp   Office: 936-275-2121   Cell: 936-275-6603

    Broaddus VFD Fire Chief: Gary Williams – (936) 288-1107

    Powell Town VFD Fire Chief:
    Tom Townsend  Office: 936-225-0084  Cell: 936-225-0084

    Attoyac Fire VFD Chief: Tommy Nordstrom   Office: 409-584-3190 Cell: 936-465-8614
    Email: nordstrom102043@gmail.com

    Denning/New Hope VFD Fire Chief: Troy Hammack – (936) 275-3257

    San Augustine County Sheriff's Department: (936) 275-2424

    San Augustine Police Department: (936) 275-2384